Sexy 'DWTS' Hookup Doesn't Make Much Sense But They're Pretty Hot Together

Maksim ChmerkovskiyHmm -- well isn't this an interesting little celebrity hookup rumor. The word on the street is that Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is dating Kate Upton -- yes, that Kate Upton. As in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who people love to hate on but can't seem to get enough of.

According to Us Weekly, they were set up through friends, though "it's very new" and "they just started dating."

And if Maks and Kate really are getting a bit chummy, it sounds like they aren't exactly trying to hide it.


An eyewitness apparently saw them having dinner together in NYC and says they were holding hands and looked "very canoodly." (Those celeb types. They love to "canoodle.")

Of course, a friend of Kate's says she and Maks are just friends -- but friends don't typically canoodle. (Or do they?)

For some reason, I'm digging the idea of the two of them being an item, even though Kate doesn't seem like the type to go for a reality TV star. But something about the chemistry between the two of them just seems like it would be so ... sexually charged or something. 

What do you get when you bring a strong, super-masculine, sexy dude together with a voluptuous blond supermodel with very ample assets? Yep -- the perfect recipe for two people who can't possibly keep their hands off each other.

But while I think they make a cute couple, I do have one question. Why didn't Kate's friends try and hook her up with Maks' brother, Val Chmerkovskiy, instead? I mean, she's 21 and Maks is 33, whereas Val is much closer to her age at 27. (And he's so hot, it's almost criminal.)

Oh yeah, I forgot -- Val seems to have a thing for older women, so Kate probably isn't his cup of tea. (Which is great news for cougars 30-something gals like me.)

Do you think Maks and Kate make a good couple?


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