Kristen Stewart May Be Missing the Silver Lining in Her Split From Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart with instagram fan's momOMG, you guys! Kristen Stewart actually SMILED the other day, so she must be over Robert Pattinson. No, really! She took a photo with a fan named Gaby's mom in Malibu three days ago and had a sort of part-smirky, part-smiley, part-kill-me-now look pasted on her face, so she's clearly doing at least at least partially okay in the wake of The Big Split 2.0.

Reality check: It's not like we can really deduce all that much from this one photo. (Or ANY for that matter, since KStew is someone who could potentially look miserable even if she won the lotto, was reunited with Rob, and took home an Oscar all in one day.) But there is more to be said about her current state of mind, according to sources close to the actress ...


The sources tell that it's definitely been difficult for Kristen, noting that she "misses her best friend. It’s like a part of her has died and she is still going through the grieving process.” Agh.

But thankfully, she's got a really amazing support system helping her get through this particularly tough time. One source elaborated:

Kristen has been just laying low, hanging out with her closest friends and trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

This actually seems to gel with what Gaby had to say about Kristen's meet and greet with her mom when she posted the image on Instagram. She reported, "She was in my mom’s restaurant in Malibu with some friends — she wasn’t alone."

Whew! Well, this is all definitely good news. Even better news than what we've heard Rob has been doing, I'd say. Mostly because of the laying low part, which I think can actually be more conducive to accepting and getting over a tough split than going out and partying your pants off. In fact, I feel like she could take it even further ...

After a tough breakup, sure it's great to work on leaning on and and shoring up relationships with friends and family. But I think it's just as important to work on your relationship with yourself. Take care of yourself. Get to know yourself again -- as a single person but also just as an individual -- not one-half of a couple, a spouse/girlfriend/lover, etc. Spending time doing things you love (hiking, yoga, running, reading, watching a obscene amount of DVRed television, you know, whatever) or finding new activities to love. Having a pefect excuse to do all of those things for yourself is not only the silver lining of a gut-wrenching breakup -- but it really can help you move on in a meaningful way.

Let's face it. After a relationship's demise, we just miss being HAPPY -- maybe as much or even more than the relationship itself. That's what Kristen should be focused on right now. No doubt her friends will be able to help along the way, but I'm sure figuring some of it out on her own will do her a world of good.

What's the best way you've ever gotten over a bad breakup?


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