'Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon: 12 Reasons Norman Reedus Is So Dang Hot

Linda Sharps | Jun 14, 2013 Celebrities

Norman ReedusDaryl Dixon is our favorite character on The Walking Dead. FACT. Okay, I guess it's theoretically possible that someone out there prefers Rick or Michonne or Lil' Asskicker or Carl's hat or something, but that person would be wrong. Horribly wrong. There's a reason for those billion-plus web memes that read IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT, and that reason is Norman Reedus, the only man on television who can pull off that ratty-looking hairstyle and still make every female on the planet want to climb him like the rope in gym class.

Norman Reedus isn't classically handsome. He's not a clean-cut guy meant to play the lead in a lighthearted rom-com. He's a little dirty, a little rough-looking, and so sexy it's downright ridiculous.

For the diehard fans and every other carbon-based lifeform, here are 12 examples of why Norman Reedus is the hottest guy on television.

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