Alexander Skarsgard Caught Kissing Ellen Page on the Trucker Hat

alexander skarsgard ellen pageAnother day, another cutesy image of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page to overanalyze. Today's pic? This cuddly shot posted on the Twitter feed of The East director Zal Batmanglij with the following explanatory text: “This reminds me of shooting. When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby [Kebbell] practice Rostam’s piano piece. #TheEast.”

Aww, what a sweet photo ... for me to poop on!!!

Yeah, that's right. You call this romantic? He's kissing her ... hat. Is hat-kissing some obscure Swedish courtship ritual? Because I don't know about you, but I've never seen "hat" show up on one of those erogenous zone lists in magazines. Want to really knock your man's socks off tonight, ladies? Surprise him by planting a big wet one on his baseball cap! Unless, of course, Alexander Skarsgard isn't kissing Ellen Page at all in this picture.


I mean, it's really impossible to tell what's going on here. Why jump to drastic (and depressing) conclusions? Think about it. ASkars could be:

1. Sneezing into Ellen Page's conveniently absorbent headwear.

2. Covering his nose because a garbage truck was driving down the street.

3. Politely responding to Ellen Page's invitation: "My new shampoo smells like strawberries, wanna sniff my hair?"

4. Spilling secrets about True Blood Season 6 (I'm gonna kick Billith's ass!").

5. Quietly sobbing in Swedish shame over the IKEA horse meatballs scandal.

See? Why is everybody assuming Alexander Skarsgard is KISSING Ellen Page?! People have no imagination, I swear.

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is kissing Ellen Page in this picture?

Image via Twitter

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