Heidi Klum Has Scandalous Public Fight With Boyfriend Thanks to Mr. Alcohol

heidi klum boyfriendOh no, what is happening to Heidi Klum's fairy-tale romance with her bodyguard boyfriend? Klum was spotted having a nuclear blowout with Martin Kristen at a Manhattan restaurant. Witnesses claim Heidi was dining with Martin and a second man when things got heated between the couple.

They went at it for about an hour until Heidi had enough and stormed out of the restaurant. She tried to hail a cab, but couldn't. So she wandered back into the restaurant entrance, refusing to return to her table because URGH! Martin walked over, they talked, and he called a car for Heidi and then left on his own because apparently she was still pissed at him. Heidi stayed for another hour or so and then went home.


Oh yeah, and witnesses say Heidi may have had a bit to drink.

Ah yes, the drunken restaurant argument with your mate -- I know it well. That pretty much describes every wedding anniversary dinner I had with my former husband during our last five years as a couple. You start out thinking, "Whee, let's have some fun!" And next thing you know, the apps are late, your aperitif has made its way into your bloodstream, they've already started pouring that bottle of wine, and you're screaming at each other over whether or not you really needed to buy that new vacuum cleaner. (Answer: Yes I fucking did.)

Sorry, where were we?

Oh yes, Heidi Klum's public fight with Martin Kristen. I'm a bit sorry to hear things got this intense between them, but not all that surprised. I mean, I think we all know why Heidi and her bodyguard hooked up with each other in the first place: S-E-X. Just look at them. Of course they're having blazing hot flying monkey sex with each other. And all that passion is bound to flip back on them and spark an equally blazing hot fight eventually.

But still ... even though many of us can relate, I think maybe Heidi should protect herself a little better next time. She's a public person, after all, so people are always watching. It isn't fair, but there it is. Unlike the rest of us, she doesn't have the luxury of privacy when she gets into a drunken fight with her boyfriend at a restaurant. So maybe watch the booze next time? Or keep it inside? Or neither? Maybe Heidi doesn't care what we think.

Do you think this was just a harmless fight, or is Heidi and Martin's relationship on the rocks?


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