Lullaby Written for Kate Middleton's Baby Is Simple and Sweet (VIDEO)

Kate MiddletonOMG, you guys, would you believe that Kate Middleton's baby has a lullaby that was written solely in his/her honor -- by the same guy who composed music for the royal wedding? How sweet and meaningful!

Paul Mealor has entitled the song "Sleep On," which will hopefully help Prince William and Kate's first born drift off into dreamland quickly and easily every night. (Good luck with that.)


And I have to admit, after hearing this tune, I kind of got the urge to go crawl up on the couch and take a snooze -- and then in the next breath, I got all weepy thinking about Kate playing the lullaby for her baby and rocking him or her, which is one of the best parts of having a newborn, for sure. (Sniff, sniff -- memories!)

Take a listen and see what you think -- odds are good you'll love it just as much as I do.

What do you think of the song?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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