Kristen Stewart Has Given Up Trying to 'Win Back' Rob -- Which Is the Perfect Way to Win Him Back!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartAs shattered as Kristen Stewart reportedly is over her latest breakup with Robert Pattinson, word has it KStew has given up trying to "win him back." No word on exactly what she was doing to win him back, besides reportedly drunk texting him, but whatever it is she was supposedly doing, she has supposedly stopped. Supposedly.


A source tells Hollywood Life:

She pretty much knows that at this point there is nothing she can do to win him back.

The source goes on to say that although KStew "misses him terribly" and "feels like a part of her as died," she's not going to chase after him anymore. Good, good for KStew! Girl, if he don't want you, that's his loss!

Listen, if a guy comes back to you because you've been begging and pleading, then he did it out of guilt and that guilt won't last long. Guilt turns into resentment. However, if you leave him alone, and let him miss you on his own accord, and then he comes back to you, he's yours forever. So goes some saying.

The best way to "win back" a guy is to leave him alone. Get on with your life. Fuggedaboudit. So maybe this is KStew's plan. Pure genius!

Since the break, Kristen has reportedly been "just laying low, hanging out with her closest friends, and trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible," according to the latest source. Which is weird because last I heard, KStew was chain-smoking and drinking like a sailor and drunk texting Rob. Which is it, people?!

I have a feeling that despite Kristen giving up, this isn't the last we've heard of Robsten. Their contract says so. Joke!

Do you think they're done for good?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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