Kim Kardashian Gets Dissed in Disgusting Way in Kanye West’s New Song – Or Does She?

kim kardashianIf you thought Kanye West was a jerk before, wait until you hear what he's allegedly done now. During a performance in New York City last night, he entertained the audience with his new song "On Site," which included some pretty rude and racy lyrics that sounded like they were about his baby mama Kim Kardashian.
Thoug, for his sake, I hope it's not. You be the judge. Does the lines below sound like Kim?


The most shocking part of the song (WARNING: it's X-Rated):

Black d**k all in your spouse again

And I know she like chocolate men

She got more nig**s off then Cochran

Now, considering that Kim just finalized her divorce from Kris Humphries, the description would fit. Of course there is a chance that he could be talking about someone else. He is an artist, after all, He's allowed some creative license. It's possible that the lyrics are loosely based on someone he knows.

However, if you are a cynic like me, you think it's likely about poor Kim. She must be mortified. This is far, far worse than his other ode to KK, "Perfect Bitch." Despite calling her a "bitch," it was all about his adoration for her. So why would he feel the need to bring up her sex life or her miserable marriage. Does she really need this kind of stress so close to her due date?

As far as I'm concerned, there is only one thing for Kim to do to at this point. She needs to demand he STOP rapping about her and their relationship. He had plenty of material before they got together. He should just leave her out of his lewd lyrics. You would think that he would have more respect for the mother of his children. But Kanye doesn't seem to love anyone as much as he loves himself.

What do you think of these lyrics? Do you think they are about Kim?


Image via Alexis/Flickr

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