'Love Addict' Rachel Uchitel Getting Divorced Just One Year After Birth of Baby Girl

Rachel Uchitel, the party girl who became famous for being outed as one of Tiger Woods's mistresses in his cheating scandal, seemed to get her life in order last year. After admitting to a drug and "love" addiction, which even landed her on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, she seemed to clean up her act. She got married and had a beautiful baby girl named Wyatt Lily. So it's a shock to hear that Rachel is getting divorced from her husband, Matt Hahn, after only 20 months of marriage over allegations of physical and mental abuse. Okay, maybe it's not totally a shock. Because Rachel and Matt knew each other less than a year before they got hitched in Vegas -- land of quickie marriage and quickie divorce.


Hahn has reportedly filed for divorce from Rachel, whom he accuses of "cruel and inhuman treatment ... such that the conduct of the defendant [Rachel] so endangers the physical or mental well being of the plaintiff as renders it unsafe or improper for the plaintiff to cohabit with the defendant."

And sources tell TMZ that the couple were always volatile, with "explosive verbal arguments." Matt also alleged that Rachel slapped him repeatedly during one argument and that he called her a bunch of names. Also, reportedly Rachel called 911 in May after an argument got out of control and Rachel wanted help getting Matt out of the house. (Jeez, cops respond to calls like this?)

But RadarOnline has a source who says that Matt had "shoved" Rachel during this argument and that she had their daughter, Wyatt Lily, in her arms at the time.

Reportedly Rachel is "furious" that Matt has filed for divorce and is gearing up for a big custody battle.

What a terrible shame that Wyatt Lily, who is barely a year old, is already losing her parental unit to what sounds like an ugly divorce. However, the relationship sounds even uglier. Probably better that the child go through a divorce now, while she's still too young to understand that her parents are really dysfunctional together. Because it wouldn't be too long until she realized they did.

Rachel had really seemed to have turned her life around. But perhaps it's not so easy to rid yourself of the internal dynamics that cause you to act out with unhealthy relationships.

Do you think it's better they get divorced so soon after their daughter's birth?

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