Kim Kardashian Might Pose for 'Playboy' Post-Baby -- Talk About Pressure!

Kim KardashianI'm not quite sure that I'm buying this little rumor, but supposedly Kim Kardashian might do a Playboy shoot sometime after her baby arrives in July.

Apparently the folks over at Playboy aren't stupid and believe an issue containing pics of Kim's post-baby body would "sell like crazy."

And you know what? They're probably right. Considering how obsessed everyone has been with the (normal) changes her body has gone through during the course of her pregnancy, it's pretty safe to say that people will be eager to check out how well she bounces back (especially how she looks in her birthday suit).


But for Kim's sake, if posing for Playboy really is something she's giving a decent amount of thought -- let's hope she isn't committing to any certain time frame as far as being ready to take it all off for the cameras.

To put it simply -- losing baby weight can be a real bitch. Sure, there are some women who are lucky enough to wake up one day and find that the pounds have magically melted off overnight, but most of us literally have to work our butts off to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

Gah. It really sucks to look in the mirror after having a baby and not recognize yourself -- because you aren't preggo anymore but don't look like your pre-baby self either. Kim will already feel a tremendous amount of pressure to get her figure back (being that it's part of the reason she's famous and all) -- but add in a nude (or semi-nude) photo shoot looming over her head and she's got herself a recipe for stress, depression, and one serious emotional roller coaster.

If she really, really wants to pose for Playboy, then she should, by all means, but hopefully she won't force any sort of deadline on herself. It's not like the magazine is going anywhere anytime soon, so it'll be there when and if she's ready and willing to bare it all.

Do you think Kim should go for it and do a Playboy shoot?


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