Rob Kardashian Cries About Gaining Weight & Reveals a Much Deeper Problem

Rob KardashianBy now we're all well-aware of Rob Kardashian's major struggle to lose weight. On last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we all finally heard how difficult this journey has been for Rob when Kim dished that he was pulling his car over once a day just to cry about his situation.

My heart goes out to Rob. These days, it's easier to hear about his struggle from months ago knowing that he's been working out, seriously dedicating himself to dropping pounds, and it's clear his hard work is paying off. But as someone who's been in the same position, I understand that beating an addiction to food and a certain unhealthy lifestyle is definitely not easy. What is easy is for emotions to take over.


A food addiction is just like any other addiction. You just can't help yourself. When it comes to food, an addict can see something in front of them, and even if they're not hungry, they feel compelled to take a bite because, well, it's there. Rob's addiction went further than this, though. He was hoarding food in his room, attempting to hide items from his family that he really just couldn't stop himself from munching on.

It isn't easy to overcome these urges, but it's possible if you take the right steps. As someone who overcame her own issues with food, I know it is. I wouldn't say that I was ever addicted to food; I definitely had my urges, though. I had a problem saying no to French fries or skipping an invite to go out to dinner with friends, even if I had already eaten.

What's important is taking the first step. It's recognizing you have a problem and then making a solid commitment to changing that. You know what that means? Telling your family. Telling your friends. Letting the people who matter in your life know that you want to make a change and be held accountable.

It's also planning ahead, surrounding yourself with healthy options, making a workout schedule. Yes, these changes can be overwhelming. Once you're in the right mindset with framework for success, turning back will be the last thing on your mind.

Have you ever felt like Rob? Have you ever lost a drastic amount of weight?


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