Kristen Stewart’s Mom Makes a Sudden Move That Could Have Changed Everything With Robert Pattinson

Kristen StewartThey say timing is everything. That's why it seems kind of strange and a little too convenient that Kristen Stewart's mom bought a house of her own, which means she must be moving out of her famous daughter's pad in favor of living alone.

Jules Stewart picked up her new Sherman Oaks, California home for a cool $999,000 -- which sounds like a decent bargain considering the place has 2,308 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a pool and spa. Per L.A. area standards, that's practically a palace, and anything under $1 million is a total steal.


But doesn't it seem strange for Jules to suddenly plan on moving out right after Kristen's split from Robert Pattinson? There were even rumors about her causing trouble between them and putting a damper on their sex life since they were all living under the same roof -- so why did she wait this long to get her own place?

She had to have known that staying in the same house as her daughter and her very hot, very famous boyfriend would likely put a strain on their relationship -- especially after Kristen and Rob's post-cheating scandal reconciliation. Things were already rocky between them to begin with, but adding a mother-in-law type into the mix basically multiplies an already tense situation by 100.

Aside from not being able to get busy between the sheets whenever the mood struck them, Kristen and Rob probably had a hard time having the serious conversations they needed to have to patch things up, not to mention finding it impossible to be alone with Jules hanging around the house.

And while I'm not suggesting that she is directly responsible for the breakup, her being around Rob and Kristen 24/7 certainly didn't help matters. Maybe if she'd packed up and moved out a few months ago versus waiting until her daughter was a single woman -- she wouldn't be a single woman right now. (Nah, you're right. Robsten was headed for Splitsville regardless of who was living with them.)

Why do you think Jules suddenly decided to move?


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