Jenelle Evans' Half-Naked Photos Have No Place Online

Jenelle Evans and Nathan GriffithIt's been just about a week since Jenelle Evans first stepped out with her new man, Nathan Griffith. That's, like, a millennium in Teen Mom world!! After a bout of drama concerning whether or not the underwear model was in another relationship (he's not, apparently), the two lovebirds seem on top of the moon. And how do we know that? Well obviously, Jenelle is keeping the Twitterphere and Facebook universe up to date on their every single move. Including the shirtless ones. Lots of shirtless ones.

Seriously, though. In the week they've been together, Jenelle has managed to post what feels like a million photos of boyfriend Nathan Griffith shirtless, and some with her wearing next to nothing as well. We get it, lady. You're happy. You like to show the world you're happy because you don't have a filter. You also love your leopard print bra.

But sooner or later, Nelle, you may regret being so ... out there. All this posting could just ruin a "good" thing.


Jenelle's been very open about her relationship with Nathan on her Sulia blog. She tells fans that she's already met his family and they were so "laid back and easy to get along with." She also says that he is the "most amazing guy she's ever met" and "simply perfect for her." All of these things, they're great.

But let's be real -- how do you think his family is going to feel once they realize the kind of publicity that this girl's giving their son? Do you think they want to see half-naked pictures of him everywhere, documentation of him getting plastered at bars? If it were my parents, the answer to that question would be most definitely NOT.

Who knows how it'll all work out. I'm one of those the more you keep things OFF social media, the better they'll work out for you believers. A relationship should be intimate between the two partners involved, not for the rest of the world to enjoy too. Here's hoping things with Nathan really are better than Jenelle's relationships past, and we see a DECLINE of skin on her Twitter feed, ASAP.

Do you think Jenelle will regret being so public with this?


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