Kim Kardashian Won’t Smile Because She Thinks It Makes Her Face Look Fat

kim kardashian huge faceOh my God, as if KDash's pregnancy hasn't been difficult enough, now there's this? The latest preggo-related affliction is pure humiliation for our girl: Fat Face. Kim Kardashian has stopped smiling because she thinks it makes her face look too big. Guys, Kim's not smiling anymore! Because! Of the fat face!

Kim posted a selfie in the bathroom looking almost somber. "Love a good bathroom selfie! Here’s a hint of a smile! My face looks so huge when u smile these days otherwise u would see more lol." AND THEN SHE DELETED THE PHOTO. Kim Kardashian -- deleting images of herself from the Internets?!? That's unthinkable. She must have really hated that photo. Oh Kim, is it really that bad?


Look, every one of us who has ever been pregnant has been there. I know the so-called fat face well. I already have full cheeks and a square jaw in my non-pregnant state -- when I was expecting, my cheeks pretty much filled up the entire room like two giant Krispy Kreme filled donuts on either side of my fat face. Well, it sure seemed that way to me, anyway.

But here's the thing: It's all in your head. We do get a bit fuller in the face when we're expecting, and that pregnancy glow (if you're lucky enough to have it) can make those chubby cheeks seem even fuller. But to the rest of the world, it's not that big a difference. I mean, you're PREGNANT. The world expects you to have a fuller face. It would be weird if you didn't.

Maybe Kim doesn't feel like she has a lot to smile about because she's in her last month or so and feels all swollen and bloated. But she has so much to make her smile -- she's about to welcome a new baby girl into her life! So smile away, Kim. You'll get your cheekbones back again someday. But for now, we love the "huge" pregnant lady smiles.

Did you feel self-conscious about your fuller face while you were pregnant?


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