Robert Pattinson Is Getting Over Kristen Stewart in the Best Way He Can

robert pattinson bjork showWho knew breaking up could make you so happy? That's what I keep thinking every time I read what Robert Pattinson has been up to post-KStew. He is definitely not sitting at home, listening to Joni Mitchell warble and crying his eyes out. Instead he's launched a full-on bromance with new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio (Mr. Hook-You-Up-Wit-Models). And fans just spotted RPattz at a Bjork show surrounded by his favorite pals having the best time, ever. Did we mention Katy Perry was one of those friends?

"Apparently a lot of people love Rob Pattinson! He was with friends, just enjoying the show," tweeted a fan. Aww, lots of love for RPattz. Is that the key to his speedy recovering from Hurricane Kristen? He's gotten a little help from his friends. What better way to get over a breakup than to surround yourself with people who love you and will always have your back?


Rob must have been in a great mood that night -- he posed with one of his fans, and look at that smile. Yeah ... okay, it's not a huge smile. I don't see any teeth. But he looks happy and relaxed, and he's being a real sport about posing with that fan. Lucky girl!

Meanwhile, some guys just don't understand. "WTF! My girl went nuts over Robert Pattinson @Bjork concert tonight. Why does women do that shit?" Haha. I'm sure he's got his girlfriend's heart, but RPattz does have that effect on his fans. I can just see it -- someone whispers, "It's Robert Pattinson, over there by the bar!" Word spreads all over and girls are squealing and staring.

And they're all so happy that Robert's so happy. I think it's better this way. Yes, we loved Robsten. Of course we're sorry their love didn't last in real life the way it did in the Twilight series. But this is still better than watching Rob waste away with heartbreak, I think.

Are you surprised Rob seems so happy post-breakup?


Image via Statigram

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