Brandi Glanville’s Dog Gets 'Kidnapped' & Conspiracy Theories Have Already Started

Brandi Glanville & dog ChicaGuys. GUYS. We have a MAJOR problem on our hands, here! Brandi Glanville's dog Chica has been stolen. KIDNAPPED! According to TMZ, Glanville was in Palm Springs with costars Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump when she received a call from her assistant that some horrible perpetrator broke into her California home and took the dog ... and the dog only. Brandi says a screen was broken in the bathroom window and that's where the mean heartless dog stealer must've gotten inside.

And of course, in true Real Housewives fashion, there are all sorts of theories floating around about what really happened to the dog. You know, like LeAnn Rimes came under the cover of darkness and stole the darn pooch. And then there's the one that this is all just one big fat publicity stunt -- well, at least that's what Taylor Armstrong thinks about the robbery.

I mean who CARES what's going on here ... Chica's MISSING, people! And get this -- you could snag the $10,000 reward if you bring her home!


So what do I think? I don't necessarily think this is a publicity stunt, but I'm not too sure someone broke into Glanville's house, either, especially if ONLY the pooch was stolen. I think it's safe to say that generally animals aren't the top item on a burglar's must-have checklist. But heck, what do I know?

With that said, I do think Chica is definitely MIA, nowhere to be found. If I had to guess, Brandi's assistant let the dog out by accident, and in order to cover up her own backside, she claimed the dog was stolen. Now the mom is going around putting up signs, yelling at people on Twitter for taking them down, and asking everyone she can for help finding the lost pup.

No matter what the truth is, I just hope that Chica is returned back to the Glanvilles soon and they can once again be one big happy family. I feel bad for Brandi and her kids! Not to worry, though. In the meantime, Brandi and her boys have a stand-in pup: Chico. Creativity at its finest.

Do you think Brandi's dog REALLY got stolen?


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