Jenelle Evans' Latest Pic Shows She's Obsessed With Her New Man (PHOTO)

jenelle evansIf there's one thing Teen Mom Jenelle Evans loves to do (besides drugs -- kidding!), it's tweet. And if there's one thing Jenelle Evans loves to tweet about, it's her guy-of-the-moment.

If you momentarily grew tired and weary of all things intellectual, you may have heard that Jenelle has a new boyfriend these days: 25-year-old underwear model Nathan Griffin. Griffin seems much different than Jenelle's previous less-than-savory boyfriends in the sense that he doesn't have a Twitter account (yay!), and he doesn't constantly look like he's been up for 24 hours. Actually -- he genuinely seems all right. But there's one problem: Already, Jenelle can't stop tweeting about him.

Slow your roll, girl. Slow it.


If you'll take a leisurely stroll on over to Jenelle's Twitter account, you'll see that not only is her page rife with photos and mentions of Nathan, there's also a shot of her wearing his football gear with the caption: "Playing dress up in his gear."

"Playing dress up in his gear"? Really, Jenelle? Already? Wasn't it a few weeks ago that you posted a shot of you in Courtland Rogers' hat with the caption, "Takin pics in his fitted"? Come on. This is too much, too soon. You don't post photos of yourself in your dude's clothes this early on. You barely know each other. Quick -- what's his pants size? That's what I thought.

For Jenelle's sake, I hope she and this Nathan guy work out. Like I said, he seems much better than the previous idiots she's dated. But maybe she should hold off on riddling her Twitter page with pics and tweets about the two of them. Not only is it kind of gross, girlfriend's going to scare this (possible?) gem off.

What do you think of Jenelle and her new man?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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