Kate Middleton's Unique Baby Gift From Her Uncle Has One Goal in Mind

Prince William Kate MiddletonWhat kind of gift do you buy for a baby who is blessed with a lifestyle where he'll never want for anything? Needless to say, you have to think outside of the box and get away from traditional baby trinkets.

And that's why Kate Middleton's uncle's gift for her royal first born couldn't be more perfect. Instead of a high chair, monogrammed blanket, or a high-end diaper bag, he plans on gifting his new nephew or niece with shares in the Chelsea Football Club, his favorite soccer team.

(Just what every baby wants and needs, right?)


Yep, the royal baby will help support uncle Gary Goldsmith's love of the sport so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

And while he's kind of making a joke out of the whole thing, the gift is actually pretty creative. I mean, you know Kate and Prince William are going to wind up with more clothes, gear, and keepsakes for their little one than they ever dreamed, so giving the baby the gift of shares is pretty cute.

Come to think of it, if you're ever struggling to come up with something unique to buy for a new baby, there are plenty of non-material gifts you can present to the new parents that are just as thoughtful as anything off their registry list.

A Star -- Yes, a star, as in a star in the sky. Having a star named for a baby is not only sweet, it gives them something no one else can possibly ever duplicate. (No gift receipt -- total plus!)

Savings Bonds -- Giving a newborn money is all well and good, but there's always the chance of it being spent before he or she really needs it. By purchasing savings bonds, you'll give him a piece of financial security down the road.

Stocks -- Yet another way to think about helping the baby's future. Buy him stock shares and let the market ride for 18 years or so -- maybe you'll make him a rich man!

Make a Donation -- Especially if the parents are charitable, they'll love the idea of you making a donation to a great cause in their baby's name. You'll be helping others and doing something extra special at the same time.

Babysitting "Coupons" -- This one is genius. Make up a little booklet of tickets offering to babysit for free for the new parents so they can go out and enjoy some alone time while someone they trust is caring for their baby.

Museum Membership -- If there are good children's museums, parks, etc., in the area, why not purchase a membership for the family so they have fun places to take their baby in his first year? You can't put a price on spending quality time together on the weekends.

Other than material things, what is the best baby gift you received?


Image via Dan Kitwood/Getty

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