Kyle Richards’ Husband Denies Cheating Rumors & Now We Really Think He’s Guilty

maurico and kyle richardsIf someone accused me of having a threesome with a bevy of transsexual individuals in an L.A. hotel room, I don't think I'd dignify it with a response. Mauricio Umansky, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, feels differently. The father of four gave a statement to RadarOnline denying any allegation that he's been cheating on his wife. Mauricio claims:


I am faithfully and happily committed to my wife of 18 years, Kyle Richards, and our children, and am saddened to learn that someone would spread these ugly and vicious false rumors regarding me.

Then, because the statement wasn't enough, Kyle and Mauricio "went out to a romantic dinner" where he was "caught" grabbing her butt. Doesn't get more transparent than that, guys.

I was willing, for the sake of that adorable little Porsha, to believe that the Mauricio cheating rumors weren't true ... that Kyle really wasn't threatening to leave the show, and that Brandi Glanville's evidence of his unfaithfulness was totally bogus.

But now that Mauricio's acknowledged the rumor, and now that they planted an ass-grab moment in front of the cameras, it's looking more and more like the slanderous gossip could be factual.

Me thinks Mauricio doth protest too much.

Best part is, it won't be rumor for long. We'll probably get our answer on the next season of the RHOBH, if not sooner. Because as Adrienne Maloof knows all too well, you can't go on reality TV with a secret -- those hidden little pieces of internal confidences have a way of boiling to the surface, no matter how low you turn the heat.

Getting a tad hot for you, Mauricio? Better watch out. (Bubble bubble bubble bubble.)

Do you think Mauricio cheated?


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