Robert Pattinson Gets Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio That Could Destroy Him

Robert PattinsonIn the wake of his split from Kristen Stewart, it's only natural for him to strike up a bromance or two -- but can you really picture Robert Pattinson and Leonardo DiCaprio being best buds?

Get this one -- there's a new rumor floating around that Leo is trying to convince Rob to rent a house in Miami for the summer so he can turn him into a model-dating playboy (like himself). Then they can sleep with as many chicks as they please live the ultimate bachelor lifestyle together or something to that effect.

Wait a second, I thought Rob was spending the next couple months in Toronto? (Something doesn't quite add up here.)


And this might not be the first (alleged) time that Leo has tried to recruit Rob. After Kristen cheated with Rupert Sanders, Leo supposedly had dreams of getting him to quit smoking and possibly give up his KStew addiction as well. 

So if this new rumor has any truth to it, Leo must not be able to resist the idea of having Rob as his new sidekick, which is why he's trying to tempt him with visions of beaches, sunshine, and of course, bikinis.

And while we have to take this probably fake piece of news with a grain of salt, you gotta admit -- the idea of Robert Pattinson morphing into the next Leonardo DiCaprio is really kind of unfortunate and disappointing.

Considering Rob reportedly hasn't slept with anyone since Kristen because he likes to have an "emotional connection" with a woman first, it's kind of sad to think about him going the opposite route and becoming a serial dater who will never settle down.

Ok, back to the bromance thing. Surely there have to be a few guys out there who are better suited to be his BFF than Leo, right? Let's offer up a few possibilities.

Justin Timberlake -- OMG. Is this the beginning of the most beautiful friendship you've ever seen or what? JT is totally cool and fun to hang with, but he's also hitched to Jessica Biel now, so he's only interested in having a good time -- not looking for cheap hookups.

Taylor Lautner -- Why not go ahead and merge Team Edward and Team Jacob into one once and for all? Team Edcob. I dig it. But if they become inseparable, Taylor's going to have to kiss his friendship with KStew goodbye. (Maybe that's for the best anyway.)

Jim Toth -- This is genius. Rob is already chummy with Reese Witherspoon, so why not befriend her husband so they can hang out in Atlanta and get busted for DUIs together? Better Rob than Reese. (Wait ... what?)

Ben Affleck -- Sure, he's older than Rob, but can't you see them being all buddy-buddy? I can so see them taking in a ball game together and throwing back a few beers.

Matthew McConaughey -- This friendship could change Rob's lifestyle forever. He'll go from a scruffy, chain-smoking, concert-goer into an avid runner and health nut who is perfectly content living in a trailer.

Tobey Maguire -- Ok, so I know Tobey and Leo are really tight, but he's his total opposite, being that he's happily married with two kids and all. He has the same coolness of Leo without any of the superficial stuff.

Who do you think would have a positive influence on Rob?


Image via Carlos Alvarez/Getty

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