Vicki Gunvalson in Legal Trouble Thanks to Shady Boyfriend Extraordinaire, Brooks Ayers

brooks ayersWow. If this isn't a wake-up call to Vicki Gunvalson to rid her life of shadeball extraordinaire Brooks Ayers, I don't know what will. Apparently, "as a gift", businesswoman Vicki decided to give Brooks 16.67 percent of an alcohol company she started. And, being that he's himself, Brooks decided to sell his share of the company off to someone else for $50,000, saying that he needed the cash for delinquent IRS and child support payments in order to avoid jail time. Classic sketchy Ayers. But now, Ayers's plan has backfired, and both he and Vicki are being sued. It's actually a little complicated. Take a walk with me and I'll explain ...


So, a professional poker played named Robert Williamson III agreed to invest $250,000 in Vicki's company. Vicki then gave Brooks a share of the company without Robert's knowledge, and then Brooks tried to sell his share -- to Robert. Robert is now suing Vicki and Brooks, saying that this was all simply to get more money out of him "without the intent to honor the intent of the transaction." The lawsuit Robert filed cites Vicki and Brooks for breach of contract, commitment of fraud, failure to live up to good faith dealings, misrepresentation, and conspiracy to unjustly enrich themselves through this business deal.

Long story short, Brooks sucks and Vicki needs to cut him out of her life once in for all. I don't know if it's because she doesn't think she can find anyone else, or it's because she really has bought this guy's line of shit, but Vicki can't seem to quit this guy. And it's bad. Really bad. IE, she just got sued because of him.

Sure, Vicki could have been part of this scheme, but come on, guys. This is Brooks we're talking about. One of the shadiest dudes ever to grace the Real Housewives. Do you really think this wasn't his idea? And Vicki's never been in legal trouble before this guy came around. This dude is bad news, plain and simple.

If Vicki is keeping Brooks around because she's lonely and simply wants someone to be with, it's really sad. She may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm sure she can find someone who wants to be with her who's much better than this guy. Nobody should be with Brooks. All this dude is doing is hurting her and alienating her from people. She's a smart woman -- how can she not see that?

What do you think of this?


Image via Bravo

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