Kim Kardashian Gets Insanely Expensive Baby Gift From Beyonce That She'll Never Use

kim kardashianNever ones to be outdone, Beyonce and Jay-Z gifted Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's unborn baby a crystal-encrusted chair. An expensive, flashy crystal-encrusted chair that will soon be a crystal-poop-spitup-and-pureed-squash-encrusted chair. Bey and Jay apparently have one for their daughter, Blue Ivy (natch) -- which is why I'm surprised they gave one to Kim and Kanye.


Aside from the fact that I thought Queen Bey was not a fan of Kim and her fame-whoring ways, if anyone knows a crystal-studded chair is beyond unnecessary for a baby, it should be Beyonce -- being that she's a mom herself.

If you're into flashy things, I supposed a bright and sparkly baby chair would be cool and pretty to look at -- and I'm all for stylish baby things. But really? A crystal chair? You know it's going to get broken, crapped up, or simply not used at all, Beyonce. Be honest: How often does Blue Ivy use hers?

To me, the best baby gifts are the things you can actually use. Now that I have a child of my own, I feel like I have a much clearer idea of what to gift others who are expecting. Things like those big Aden + Anais swaddling blankets; burp cloths -- lots of burp cloths; and a truckload full of diapers are perfect for moms-to-be. Anything that's gem-studded -- especially a chair -- is a little silly. It's a sweet gesture from Beyonce and Jay-Z -- and a grand one at that -- but come on, Bey. You know Blue would much rather sit on your lap or on the floor than in that thing.

What's the most elaborate baby gift you received?

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