John Malkovich Rescues Bleeding Man & Earns Biggest Fans Ever

elderly coupleIn the most award-deserving role ever, actor John Malkovich played a real-life hero last week. The actor was outside smoking a cigarette in Toronto, where he's starring in The Giacomo Variations, when he heard someone calling for help.

According to Us Weekly, the cries were coming from 77-year-old Jim Walpole, who was visiting the city from Ohio with his wife Marilyn. He had tripped and somehow managed to get a nasty cut on his neck from which he was bleeding profusely. "The way he was spurting I thought it was the carotid (artery) or the jugular (vein)," Marilyn told CBC News.


 Enter Malkovich. The couple says he jumped in and took over "just like a doctor" and applied pressure to stop the bleeding. A restaurant owner helped as well, and together the two of them attended to him until the ambulance arrived. Once at the hospital the man received 10 stitches and is fine thanks to the heroic action of these men.

The funny thing is that the couple didn't even know it was a major movie star helping them until after the fact. It may have been best that way, though. I can't imagine how surreal it would have been had they known who it was in the midst of all the panic they were experiencing. It could have made things feel even more frantic.

Marilyn told the station she asked Malkovich his first name, but didn't bother asking his last name because she didn't think she'd remember it anyway. After learning who he was since, however, they'll never forget him. "I'm going to watch all of them (his movies) that I can," she said. I'm sure they'll be his biggest fans from here on out. Bravo!

Can you imagine being saved by a star?


Image via CBC News

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