Is Megan Draper Already Dead, Doomed or None of the Above?

megan draper dead alreadyOMG OMG OMG. Those "Megan Draper is Sharon Tate" rumors really didn't bother me at all at first. I felt like it was just my fellow Mad Men fanatics doing what we do best and overanalyzing and maybe even taking a purely sartorial reference to a tragically murdered actress way too literally. But now, I'm not so sure. And it's all because I followed Uproxx's Dustin Rowles "down the rabbit hole" in his theory that Megan might already be dead as of last week's episode, "A Tale of Two Cities." Once more, OMG.

Here, cases for and against Megan's past or impending offing -- including what Mrs. Draper Jessica Pare herself had to say about the wild buzz ...


Proof that Megan is totally already dead:

  1. As Rowles points out, Don has a history of hallucinating the dead. Remember how he saw his dead brother, Adam, when he was suffering from a hot tooth? The only glimpse of Megan we saw last week was clearly a hallucination.
  2. This is the creepiest one to me, by far: During the hallucination, Don asks, “How did you find me?” Megan responds, “But I live here.” Rowles notes that “here” is not California. She’s not actually there, but she could be in the afterlife. Need further proof? When Don sees a dead Private Dinkins, he says says, “I heard you were here.” Again, “here” is in the afterlife. AHHHH!
  3. In the coming scenes for tonight's episodes, Megan appears, but only once it looks like, in their apartment. And she's wearing red (violence) and black (death). (Which by the way, Lane also wore prior to biting the dust!) Rowles points out that Don may only be drunkenly hallucinating her. Whooooa.

Proof that Megan isn't dead at all -- don't be ridiculous!

  1. She talked to Don on the phone about the DNC riots at the end of the last episode. A phone call that was also a hallucination? Ehh, I don't think so.
  2. The Sharon Tate t-shirt shouldn't be translated literally. As points out, the female leads in Mad Men have been dressed like famous female icons of the era throughout the series to reveal something about the character or the times. Betty as Grace Kelly (because she’s a Main Line princess with a glam career who gave it up to marry and have children, like Grace) and Joan as Marilyn at first (referencing how men see her and treat her because of her body and how she's had to pay a price for that) and now as Liz Taylor (because now she's divorced with a colorful, rocky romantic history). But, they argue, obviously neither Betty or Joan have suffered the same fates as Grace or Marilyn!
  3. Jessica Pare herself, as loyal as she is to Matt Weiner, wouldn't spill anything outright about her character's fate, but she did somewhat reveal what's in the cards for her future. Esquire asked her if she was looking for other work and she said: "I’m in the extremely luxurious position of knowing that I have a job… I mean I don’t know how much… well, anyways. I have something coming up." Sounds like we can conclude she's safely onboard for season 7, so Megan must be alive. ... OR a ghost?!

What theory about Megan are you most inclined to believe?

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