Kate Upton's Best Assets Are On Display Yet Again (VIDEO)

Kate Upton's boobs are starring in a new movie called The Other Breast Woman. Actually, it's not her boobs that are starring in the movie -- okay, it is. It's her boobs. Let's face it. Anyway, a videographer caught quite a site recently -- Kate, along with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, jumping around whilst filming a scene for said movie. I should say bouncing around.


Kate, of course, rose to prominence after photographer Terry Richardson filmed her gyrating around in a bikini, jiggling her juggs while dancing something called The Cat Daddy.

Kate then confessed that she got frostbite on her boobs while doing a Sports Illustrated photoshoot in Antarctica. Because Kate's boobs are always out there. Somewhere. Whooo.

I have little doubt that this movie scene was written purely so Kate could jump around and jiggle her boobs. Why would you cast her otherwise? And poor Leslie Mann having to jump around next to those gargantuan melons. Leslie has lemons. Nothing wrong with lemons. Lemons are great. They just look small next to melons.

You couldn't pay me enough to jump around next to Kate Upton.

Would you want to see a movie where Kate Upton jiggles her juggs?

Image via YouTube

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