'Real Housewife' Phaedra Parks' Manners Manual Has to Be a Joke, Right?

phaedra parksIt's a widely agreed upon fact that no one thinks more highly of Phaedra Parks than Phaedra Parks. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is as self-congratulating as they come, and her latest project highlights her amusing, perfect-for-TV self-righteousness. The reality star is writing a book, y'all, on how to be a Southern belle. Entitled, wait for it, Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment, Phaedra's manual promises to teach us everything we need to know about being a lady. Laff.


I'd sooner take maternity style advice from Kim Kardashian than etiquette advice from Miss Phaedra. Now, if she were writing the book on how to put on airs, at least she'd have some expertise in the area, but this business about being a gracious woman ... I'm not sure Phaedra's suited for the role.

I mean, she lied about her pregnancy. She may claim it was the polite thing to do, that protecting the fact that she got pregnant before she got married was perfectly acceptable, but come on, it's 2013. A) No really cares about that stuff anymore, and B) lying is never the answer. Isn't being a woman (or a human, for that matter) knowing when to own up to any "mistakes"?

By no means am I implying that her pregnancy was a mistake, but it seems like Phaedra was when she pretended her baby was born two months early.

Ms. Parks started out as a fan favorite and seemed like a solid role model. She is a highly educated lawyer who came across poised and ladylike. Then, as the seasons progressed, her true colors came out.

I love watching Phaedra on the show. I think she's a ridiculous human being and her backhanded compliments play very well on reality TV. But "everybody knows" she has no business writing a 256-word tome on how to be proper.

For those who disagree, the book hits stores in November.

Thoughts on Phaedra's new book?


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