Kris Jenner May Already Be Trying to Make Money Off of Kim's Baby's Pics

Kris JennerUgh. This probably won't come as a huge shock, but supposedly Kris Jenner thinks Kim Kardashian's baby photos will bring in a nice sum of cash, which is why she's already talked to a magazine editor about how much they are worth.

Yep, apparently she figures pics of Kim and Kanye West's daughter will likely come with a paycheck somewhere in the millions -- which is probably why she can't resist fishing around to see just how much she Kim and Kanye can get for them.

Um, am I the only one who thinks that she needs to butt out and mind her own business? (If she really is discussing selling the photos, of course.)


For starters, Kim and Kayne have already turned down several offers for the first pics of their highly anticipated offspring, which has led to speculation that maybe they have no intention of selling their baby's photos at all. (Maybe they're not going to be those kinda celeb parents. It's possible.)

And if making a buck or two off the photos isn't in their plan, then it shouldn't be part of Kris Jenner's either. She should respect their wishes and leave them well enough alone and just be happy she's being blessed with another grandchild -- which brings us to another factor.

OMG. Is there anything worse than when grandparents step in and try and make decisions regarding your baby? Whether it's whether or not your baby will be breastfed, what religion he or she will be raised with, whether or not you're starting solids too early, whether you choose to stay home or go back to work -- sometimes grandma and grandpa just can't resist putting their two cents in, which is such a huge pain in the rear end. (Not my mom and dad. They've always been cool. I'm lucky.)

If Kim and Kanye decide to sell their baby's photos -- fine. Good for them. (And who can blame 'em?) But it's no one else's decision but theirs -- and if Kris doesn't back off, she may wind up regretting it way more than the hefty sum she's worried they'll miss out on.

Do you think Kris is already being an overbearing grandma?


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