LeAnn Rimes Says She Avoids Drama With Brandi Glanville -- Are We Living on the Same Planet?!

LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes may have written an entire album about her affair with the then-married Eddie Cibrian, but she is staying away from drama these days, she says. She's apparently been "biting [her] tongue" when it comes to Eddie's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. She tells US Weekly:

There's a fine line because I don't want to be run over and I do stand up for myself. But I also don't want to feed into the drama. I did say, "I do music, not drama." I don't need drama to have a career. And so I plan on, as much as possible, to not feed into it.

But your music is feeding into the drama, LeAnn. Just a wee bit? Am I crazy?


Apparently LeAnn hasn't been responding to Brandi's Twitter taunts lately, and one must give her some credit for that -- sorta. But often it seems like what she writes is feeding into the drama in a passive-aggressive way. She must know that referring to Brandi's kids as "my boys" and things like that are going to spark a less-than-positive response.

And then it's kind of telling how Brandi claims that LeAnn and Eddie won't return her phone calls or emails, but WILL respond to her on Twitter. Passive-aggressive people can feed into drama, but they do in such a way that they can say, "I didn't write such-and-such or say such-and-such," yet somehow drama follows them because they are continually doing things to stoke the flames of drama -- they just do it from a distance. Like someone who throws a firecracker into a crowd and then acts bewildered that everyone is running.

Then again Brandi's career is pretty much built on calling out Eddie and LeAnn, so there's no way she will stop anything.

I don't want to say that LeAnn, as a singer-songwriter, doesn't have the right to make songs about her life -- but when you do that, you have to expect people to comment on it. Especially when you then take it a step further and capitalize on the drama factor by shopping around a reality show. Which obviously no network would be interested in without knowing there will be a heaping helping of drama. Says LeAnn:

We can't control the people around us, but we can control we handle drama, and we've made a very peaceful life for ourselves and I'm very happy with that. There's a lot of drama on the outside and we've finally learned how to not let it in.

Um, see? Passive-aggressive. Somebody who really didn't want drama would just refuse to answer the question.

Do you think LeAnn enjoys the drama?


Image via Jim Greenhill/Flickr

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