Fake Ryan Gosling Prank Tricks Fans Into Completely Losing Their Cool on Camera (VIDEO)

Fake Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling is currently in Detroit directing his upcoming movie, How to Catch a Monster. Detroit also happens to be the home of a tax accountant named Doug who bears a truly uncanny resemblance to one of the hottest actors on the planet. A local radio show had the presence of mind to capitalize on this serendipitous situation, and they came up with a deeply funny/cruel scam involving ... drumroll ... Lyin' Gosling.

Lyin' Gosling is the creation of 95.5 FM's Mojo in the Morning show, and as far as pranks go, it wasn't terribly complicated: Doug the pitch-perfect Gosling lookalike, some fake bodyguards and film crew, and a camera guy to capture all the fan reactions. It may have been simple, but the video results are FANTASTIC.


I'm not sure how the radio show came to be acquainted with Doug the Incredibly Handsome Tax Guy, but they didn't waste any time figuring out that if they slapped a hoodie and a pair of shades on the guy, pandemonium would ensue.

Here's how Mojo In the Morning describes the prank:

Ryan Gosling has been filming a movie in Detroit and girls have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the star in action. What if we walked around town with a tax account who resembles the heartthrob?

If you're guessing that people freaked out and basically threw themselves on Lyin' Gosling, you'd be correct. Check out the video:

Oh man, that's awesome. Although I'm cringing -- like, full-body cringing -- for the people who were caught on video gushing all over this guy. And posting photos to Instagram. And sharing semi-hysterical tweets. Because that totally would have been me, assuming I could have worked up the nerve to approach him. I would have been just like that girl who was all, OMG YOU SMELL SO GOOD, and afterwards when the joke was revealed, I would have DIED OF HUMILIATION.

Sort of like the guy at the end of the video who jumped in the elevator to take a selfie with Lyin' Gosling "for his wife." Here's how his coworkers decorated his desk after learning about the prank:

What do you think -- would you have been fooled by Lyin' Gosling?

Images via Mojo in the Morning

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