Kristen Stewart Is Handling Her Breakup With Rob in the Worst Possible Way

Kristen StewartPoor Kristen Stewart. She is reportedly not handling her breakup with Rob Pattinson very well. Despite the fact that it's she who supposedly put the breakup in motion by cheating on Rob last year, and by being a sour puss all of the time, that apparently didn't mean she wanted to lose the man she loves, and now a source says that Kristen is being self-destructive after the split.

Says the source: "Kristen has gone off the rails. Rob isn't responding to any of her messages. She is partying like crazy. She is binge drinking and chain-smoking. She gets out of control and then starts texting Rob."

Hmmm. All sounds perfectly normal so far.


I don't know if these rumors are true -- they're reported by Star magazine, so take that as you will -- but let's face it, if Kristen is binge drinking and obsessive texting, isn't that, like, what you're supposed to do? How else do you handle a devastating breakup? Yoga, chanting, and an OWN marathon? Pishaw!

However, other insiders say that Kristen isn't going off the rails at all, and the rumors are a bunch of hooey. They point out that Kristen just bagged two new movies and is busy preparing for her roles. And one of them is that of a drunk chick who can't stop texting her ex! Haha. Kidding. But that would be funny, right? (In a sad you-need-help way.)

Another source points out that Kristen seemed happy lately in some paparazzi shots, but that that was just a setup, to "show" Rob that she can get along fine without him. But if Rob sees her smiling, he must know it's all an act, right? He can't be that stupid.

At any rate, if Kristen is indulging a bit more these days, let girlfriend do what she needs to do. Breaking up is hard to do no matter who you are, and especially when everyone is watching and speculating. Have some drinks, I say. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

We'll check back in a few months to make sure she's started yoga and therapy.

Do you think Kristen has the right to party?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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