Exes Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder May Never Move On -- Here's Why

Nina Dobrev & Ian SomerhalderI feel bad for Nina Dobrev. One second Nina's crying about her breakup with Ian Somerhalder, and the next Nina's putting a smile on her face for the cameras. Whether or not she's completely moved on, rumor has it that both Nina and Ian are both upset about the constant negative attention their breakup is getting. And heck, I can't blame her.

From personal experience, so many of us know how difficult it is to go through a breakup. It's natural to want to completely hide out, get away from all people, hide your presence on social media, the whole nine yards.

With that said, Nina and Ian are two very good looking, popular celebrities who have split, and it's only natural that everyone wants to know their business. If the former couple truly wants to get over the hardship that is ending an almost three-year relationship, they're gonna have to hide out for a while.

If that's even possible ... 


For us normal folk, hiding is much easier. But for Nina and Ian, they are busy stars with appearances and gigs and things they have to do as part of their profession. But maybe, just maybe, there's a way to push some of that stuff off for a while. Maybe if they do, the benefits will completely outweigh the career negatives.

I think that time period where you take a step back is crucial to moving forward. During that time, you allow yourself to breathe. You allow yourself to really think about what's best for you and remove yourself from a situation that probably was doing a lot of negative things to your mental state. Removing the outside influence, you're able to focus on yourself and the things that will make you better.

In my eyes -- both Ian and Nina need that time. Will that make the tabloid scrutiny easier? Of course not. But on a personal level, it may make each actor feel more at peace with the end of a chapter.

Do you think Nina and Ian deserve time away from the spotlight post-breakup?


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