Jenelle Evans' New Boyfriend Has a Dirty Little Secret ... Of Course!

Jenelle EvansWe were all a little confused yesterday when news broke that Jenelle Evans has a new boyfriend despite still being married to Courtland Rogers. The Teen Mom star had no problem boasting about new Twitterless boo Nathan Griffith on her personal Twitter account, posting a letter of adoration from him to her fans and then a picture of his six-pack abs to boot.

... But it turns out that everything may not be so dreamy in paradise, that Nathan may not really be able to "make all the bad shit in her life go away" like he promised. Ready for it? Apparently, Nathan lives with his girlfriend Brianna and child in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Yup, didn't expect that one comin', did ya? Well ... maybe you did. 


Of course, Jenelle is arguing that Brianna is not his girlfriend and that the two of them broke up last August. Who knows what the truth is, but the last thing this girl needs is this drama. Seriously, things have been such a roller coaster ride for the last year -- complete with a whirlwind marriage, a miscarriage, and a few arrests. What Jenelle needs is to move forward with someone who won't bring more problems to her life.

The reality? I'm pretty sure at this point the Teen Mom is incapable of being alone. I firmly believe that Jenelle would much rather this baby mama drama in her life, making her situation the center of attention, than being single and work on bettering herself. Hey, to each her own. It would be great if this guy could show her the things he promised in his message, primarily that whole "positive life" bit, but it sounds like he has skeletons in his closet that he needs to handle before he can help her with hers.

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are good together?


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