Liam Hemsworth Joins Twitter & Follows Miley Cyrus, So Clearly He's Obsessed

liam hemsworthOh. Em. Frickin' Gee. Liam Hemsworth joined Twitter recently and totally started following Miley Cyrus right away. He's, like, sooo not over her, obviously. He's going to be retweeting and hashtagging everything Miley writes. They may as well just get married and have 1,000 babies already.

Or Liam just joined Twitter and decided to follow the woman he was in a relationship for a while? Either or.


Social media, you guys. It's killing us. Mentally. Emotionally. And, perhaps literally if it's soon proven that it's possible to die from idiocy and hand cramps caused by mindlessly scrolling through your smartphone.

Yes, Liam just joined Twitter. And yes it's a wee bit odd that he quickly followed Miley when the two have reportedly broken off their engagement. But, I don't know. Twitter and Facebook make things so complicated these days. Maybe the two are still friends? Maybe he just wants to have some sort of connection with a person he was with for a long time? A breakup is never simply a breakup anymore. There are so many steps people are supposed to take (unfriending, unfollowing) or aren't supposed to take (friending, following). It seems incredibly exhausting.

Thankfully, social media wasn't as pervasive as it is now 100 years ago when I started dating my husband. I really don't know if I could have handled it. Things can be misconstrued. Do you unfollow your partner after a blow-out fight? Do blow-out fights ever happen because of things that may have been misconstrued? So many rules. 

Maybe Liam and Miley are back together? Maybe they're not? Who knows? But the world seems to be freaking out at the fact that he just followed her on Twitter. And that just seems silly now doesn't it?

What do you think of this?


Image via busyPrinting/Flickr

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