Alexander Skarsgard Likes ‘Aggressive’ Women & 5 Other Secrets Revealed (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardOkay, so we knew Alexander Skarsgard was beautiful and long-legged-y and perfectly Swedish in every way and also, let's see ... perfectly perfect in every way, but we didn't really know how FUNNY he was until he sat down with Conan O'Brien the other night for what turned out to be a very, very revealing chit-chat. And he's so funny! Oh, ASKars, is there no end to your charms?! He even made Conan laugh, which, if you know anything about Conan O'Brien, ain't no easy task.

But his helluva good sense of humor wasn't the only thing ASkars revealed during his appearance (we said it was very, VERY revealing, remember?). Here are 6 more S-E-X-Y secrets we were thrilled to learn:


1. Alexander Skarsgard likes his women "a little aggressive."

Duly noted, my friend. Duly noted.

2. Alexander Skarsgard was 14 years old the first time he saw his father wearing pants.

Um, what?! Yeah, so apparently actor dad Stellan Skarsgard prefers to walk around the house au naturel. Which was okay, says ASkars, until he and his brother started bringing chicks home.

3. Alexander Skarsgard doesn't want you think Sweden is all "polar bears and naked people."

Okay, but that's a serious disappointment.

4. Alexander Skarsgard "just wants to please you."

It's a Swedish thing, he says. Works for me!

5. Alexander Skarsgard is naturally pale, but the True Blood make-up artist "dips him in white" anyway.

PLEEEEASE can I have that job??

6. Alexander Skarsgard could "grow to love you" even thought he doesn't know you all that well.

Or so he told a screaming audience member. Again, works for me!!

Did you know Alexander Skarsgard was so funny?

Image via TBS/Conan O'Brien

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