Kim Kardashian Can’t Give Kanye West What He Wants Most for His Birthday

kim kardashian kanye westKanye West doesn't want much for his birthday. Not much at all. When he turns 36 he doesn't need a fancy present from his very pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. A source says, "He’s not that f**king selfish!" No, of course he isn't -- and that's awfully sweet of him to not want Kim to go out of her way for him in her condition (but you know she has assistants to do her bidding, right?). "All Kanye really wants for his birthday is "peace of mind for himself and Kim.” Wow Kanye, that's deep. I feel you there. I really do. That's, like, the best birthday wish of all time.


But Kanye, you know that peace can only come from within, right? That's not something Kim can give you. Oh sure, we could read this quote from Mr. Source and interpret it as you saying, "All I want for my birthday is some PEACE and quiet for once, Kim!" Maybe it's his way of saying he wants a break from the paparazzi and madness. Maybe he wants her to stop nagging him about being on the show. Maybe he wants to observe a day of silence, I don't know.

SIGH. It's not easy being Kanye. I think he's under a lot of pressure. We know he's got a lot going on with this brands and his music. And then of course there are his erratic moods. Don't you get the sense that Kanye's FEELINGS take up a lot of time and energy in his life? I feel exhausted just watching him. If you ask me, and he's not asking me but I'm going to give out my advice anyway, I think Kanye should be intentional about this peaceful birthday and spend the day meditation. Check into a monastery and check out for the day, you know?

Snerk, he's so not doing that. Anyway, it looks like Kanye and Kim will probably be apart for his birthday because they have commitments in different places. But the friend/source/whatever says Kanye may try and get together with her anyway. "Yeah, he wants to have that on his birthday, so knowing him he’ll try to make some s**t happen." Well okay then, Kanye. You go and try to make s**t happen. But just remember, if you want a peaceful birthday, that's all on you.

What do you think of Kanye's birthday wish?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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