Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry’s Friendship Freaks Out John Mayer & It Should

robert pattinsonLook out, John Mayer! The singer is back together again with Katy Perry after their breakup in March. But a source says John Mayer is threatened by Robert Pattinson, Katy's new BFF. Of course he is. He should be. John Mayer has a reputation for being a terrible cad, while Rob seems like a loyal, fun-loving friend. And who's better looking? I think we all know the answer to that question. Oof, John. you just don't compare.

Okay, I know this is the next logical step after talking about how Katy may have broken Kristen and Rob apart, or that Kristen was threatened by Katy -- oh you know all the rumors. I was just waiting for someone to yank John Mayer into the love triangle and make it an even square. But I think there might actually be something to this rumor.


So let's hear what a source tells Star magazine about John and Katy. "When Katy dumped John he tried to put a brave face on things but, inside, he was devastated." Uh huh. And who was there, giving Katy a shoulder to cry on? Rob. John "realizes their relationship was special and he misses her. He's desperate to win her back. John wishes things could go back to the way they were, but believes Katy's friendship with Rob is getting in the way of a reconciliation." Yup. I'm sure he does wish things could go back to the way they were. But that's not happening.

From now on, John is going to have to prove himself the better man, and that won't be easy. Maybe the friend zone isn't such a bad place to be after all? That is, if you happen to be Robert Pattinson. At any rate, Katy knows he's got her back and can give her a reality check on how John treats her. That's the kind of friend any girl could definitely use.

Do you think John Mayer would be right to feel threatened by Robert Pattinson?



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