Countdown to 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere With 6 Sexy Spoilers!

eric and sookieI know, I know. EVERY True Blood spoiler is a sexy spoiler, cause True Blood is some sexxxxxxxy sexiness. But the closer we get to the Season 6 premier (JUNE 16th!!!), the hotter the hints seem to be. Which is sort of the way this show is going, right? I mean, think about it: Back in the old days (Season 1), there were actually a few characters who never hooked up with anybody -- like Gran, and, um ... okay, so there was one character. Point is, everybody's saying Season 6 is going to be the sexiest season yet, and that's saying a hell of a lot.

Anyway. Ready for yet another sneak peek? Here are 6 Sexy True Blood Season 6 Spoilers:


1. Pam & Tara: Tru Love?

These two were bound to hook up at the end of last season (sexual tension much?) but will they stay together? Apparently ... well, maybe sorta. Rumor has it a steamy secret about Nora's true identity (Eric's sister, eh?) and a scary moment for Tara (those humans have some crazy new anti-vamp weapon) serve as serious bonding time.

2. Sarah Newlin is back -- and bitchier than ever

Steve Newlin's ex-wife is returning to Bon Temps, but why? To wipe out Reverend Steve for being a gay vampire? Supposedly she's more down on the vamp part than the gay part ... hmmm, perhaps she wasn't exactly surprised.

3. Eric takes matters into his own hands

Humans be gettin' too big for their britches, yo. It's Eric to the rescue in Episode 3 -- but what does that mean, exactly?? And will whatever he does lead to the (gulp) true death?? NO. NONONONONO.

4. Sookie goes over to the dark side

So, we all heart Sookie and blah blah blah, but don't the girl just get on your last nerve sometimes? Not anymore, says showrunner Brian Buckner: This season, Sookie will "grow up, become a little bit darker, more accepting of her fate, more self-knowing."

5. Sookie & Eric: Tru Love?

Since Bill was the main obstacle to Sookie and Eric living happily ever ... um, forever, and now Bill is Billith and who the hell want his crazy ass?? MAYBE, just maybe Sookie and Eric will at last be able to follow their ... hearts.

6. MORE new characters

AAAARGH! Stop the madness, you say! I can't keep track of the kazillion characters we have already, you say!! Don't worry -- still three more new roles are being cast, yes, but they're for the Season 6 finale episode ... so we won't have to really deal with them for awhile.

What's the sexiest True Blood Season 6 spoiler you've heard so far?

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