Alyssa Milano Inspired the 'Little Mermaid' -- Who Knew?! (VIDEO)

little mermaidMark it! June 6, 2013 will go down in history books (a.k.a. my diary) as the day my mind was blown. While there have been rumors for years that Alyssa Milano was the inspiration for The Little Mermaid, the Mistresses actress confirmed on the Wendy Williams Show that the Disney artists did, indeed, use her childhood photos when drawing Ariel.

Sam Micelli is the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid is Sam Micelli. Finkle and Einhorn; Einhorn and Finkle!


Disney artist Glen Keane, who also drew the Beast, Alladin, and Tarzan, used photos of Alyssa as a kid when he created Ariel, something Alyssa thinks is really freaking cool.

Couldn't agree more.

Watch her describe how she found out that she is the Little Mermaid:

Did you know that Ariel is Alyssa?


Photo via HarshLight/Flickr

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