Introducing Jenelle Evans' New Boyfriend ... Hold Up, Isn't She Married?!

jenelle evansIt's no secret that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has an addictive personality. The reality star has been to rehab a handful of times for marijuana, prescription pills, and most recently heroin and her latest habit, while not illegal, may be just as harmful. According to RadarOnline, Jenelle's got a new boyfriend with whom she's obsessed. Even though she's still very much married to Courtland Rogers, it seems Jenelle can't get enough of her new man, Nathan Griffith.



From what people are saying, Nathan seems like a nice guy. He's a 25-year-old underwear model who's down-to-earth and career-minded. Jenelle's mother Babs approves, as does Jenelle's son Jace. He's the normal good guys she's supposedly been looking for, plus, he's not on Twitter, a relationship boon if ever there was one.

Nathan does, however, have a message he wants to share. Jenelle posted this to her Twitter account on his behalf:

jenelle twitter

She then shared what I think is a shot of Nathan's abs:

jenelle bf

Here's the thing -- Nathan might really be a stand up guy with only the best intentions. He may be the smartest boy in town, the sweetest, and the most successful, and he might make Jenelle feel a love she's never felt before. But he's not going to save her. He can't rescue her. He can't solve all her problems.

It seems like Jenelle's replacing one addiction with another. I'm sure she thought heroin was going to make her feel better, much like she might think Nathan will make her feel better, but as cliché as it sounds, only she can make herself feel better, from within.

Plus, she's married.

Jenelle definitely needs some positivity in her life, and while Nathan is bringing her light and love right now, she shouldn't get attached. The last thing she needs right now is another psychological dependency.

Do you think Jenelle should be dating?


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