An Amanda Bynes Reality Show Is A Really Really Bad Idea

Amanda BynesLet's be honest, Snooki doesn't always say the wisest things. Which is why I can't be hard on her for her opinion on Amanda Bynes' downward spiral. After hearing that Bynes stiffed a cabbie $7, then called 911 on herself, then threw a vase bong out her apartment window, and that Amanda Bynes is homeless -- Snooki thinks it's only natural that Amanda should get her own reality show. Yup, an Amanda Bynes reality show.

"I just think she's entertaining," Snooki told E! "And I think she needs a reality show because I would watch it all the time."

Well, if Snooki thinks so then it should totally happen. OK, can you tell my words are dripping with sarcasm? While yes, an Amanda Bynes reality show would be one major car crash America wouldn't be able to stop watching -- it would probably ruin her. That is, more so than whatever we'd call this mess of what's already happening now.


Let's pause for a moment and see what reality TV has done to some of our favorite "stars," shall we? There's every single Real Housewife ever -- so many of which have struck crazy endorsement deals and sold their souls just to make money off of their name. There's the case of Farrah Abraham, who was just a single mom trying to keep it together until she was sexified by the media and sold her soul body for her sex tape. And then there's people like Courtney Stodden, who pretty much lives her entire life hoping a camera will follow her and her plumped lips around in 12-inch heels. In summary: Reality TV is a slippery, attention-whoring slope.

The last thing Bynes needs right now is extra attention. Who KNOWS what she would do if she knew all of America was watching. Besides, she's got almost 2 million Twitter followers to give her that extra attention as it is.

Would you watch an Amanda Bynes reality show? Do you think Snooki has a good idea?


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