Kim Kardashian May Pass on Post-Baby Diet Deal That Forces Her to Drop Pounds Fast

kim kardashianIs it just me or has all the unnecessary, ridiculous, out-of-control brouhaha about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy weight somewhat finally simmered down a bit? Yeah, finally, now that she's so close to giving birth. But how much ya wanna bet that as soon as the baby comes, the buzz about when she'll shed the baby weight will start up at a FEVER pitch? Ugh. I wouldn't be surprised if tabloids were already brainstorming their nasty coverlines.

Still, Kim reportedly won't be intimidated by the nasty noise and sign up for a very public diet that requires she lose a certain amount of weight in a prescribed time frame. Yup, that means contrary to reports that said she had been offered a deal by Weight Watchers to shed the baby weight and was likely to sign soon, Delaina Dixon, editor in chief of, supposedly has the inside track on the story and asserts that Kim's "just not that interested" in doing Weight Watchers. For real?!


Dixon explained, "Basically, she wants to take her time. She doesn’t want to feel pressured to lose the weight.”

Ah, I so HOPE this is true! Not only would it be just be so predictable for her to sign with them, but by NOT using Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight would send a strong, positive, self-empowered message that she wants the freedom to do it when and however she pleases. (And at any rate, I'm thinkin' Kim doesn't exactly need the PointsPlus system or the moolah. It's not like the woman can't afford a personal chef and top celeb trainer Tracy Anderson. A deal with WW would really just be for publicity, right?)

Say what you will about how speedily you can drop weight when you're breastfeeding or how easy it is to get back into pre-baby form when you were fit to begin with, but every woman's body is different and so many variables and factors play into how quickly we can get in shape any given point in our lives. Two pounds a week MAX is what's recommended, but sometimes, it's a half pound or less, and what difference does it make how long it takes, as long as it's coming off in a healthy, sustainable way? Furthermore, the last thing that helps anyone lose weight in a healthy way is stress, and I don't know how anyone couldn't be stressed if they were contracted to lose weight on an official timeline. Ugh.

Fingers crossed Kim really does plan to take her time, to work out and eat right to get back to where she wants to be ... on her own watch. Because feeling pressured to slim down on someone else's is the last thing she should have to worry about once she's a new mama!

Would you want to see Kim sign with Weight Watchers or another diet company or do you think she'll be better off going it solo?

Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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