Nina Dobrev Is Acting Like She's Already Over Ian Somerhalder

nina dobrevEver since splitting with Ian Somerhalder, fans can't help but wonder if Nina Dobrev's every move is a sign that they're either back together or completely over for good. Yesterday, the Vampire Diaries actress tweeted a "picture quote of the day" linking to the following graphic touting the joys of living "your own unique life" and urging everyone to "be proud, be confident, and most of all, be happy."

Aww, you guys! So, let's discuss: Does that mean she is happy post-breakup? Happier? Or are we just supposed to think that after seeing this? My guess is that it's the latter!


It usually drives me nuts when people post quotes or vague status updates that seem, well, manipulative in a way. Like they're trying to come out and say how they feel about something going on in their lives, but nah, they're going to tip-toe around it instead. If you're going to do that, you might as well not bother saying anything at all.

But okay, maybe Nina was only trying to share some random positive, self-esteem-boosting inspiration. Or maybe she's trying to clear up any confusion we might have about her "teary" conversations with Ian. Kinda like a celebrity smoke signal to let us know she's a-okay now!

But, uh wait, really? Isn't it kinda too soon to be just fine and dandy? That rumored upsetting interaction between the exes was rumored to have occurred only last week. And if she's still a bit torn up about the split, that's okay! It's normal! Own it!

Yes, she should be happy, be herself, be happy, confident, live her most special random life that's no one else's or whatever. But being genuine and honest -- with herself and everyone else -- is important, too, right? Because no matter how many uplifting quotes you find to re-pin, tweet, or share in a status update, no one's going to blame her for admitting that breaking up is hard to do. 

What's your take on Nina's tweet? Could she be over Ian so soon?

Image via 247PapsTV/Splash News

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