10 Most Public Male Celebrity Meltdowns

10 Most Public Male Celebrity Meltdowns

mel gibsonYou know what's even more entertaining (yes, in an evil, schadenfreude-ish sort of way) than female celebrity meltdowns? MALE celebrity meltdowns, of course! When famous dudes lose their cool, they go big-time berserk -- and the best part is, they tend to be way less self-destructive than celebrity women. Which means we feel less guilty about getting a front row seat for the fireworks display that has become their very existence.

Truth be told, there are far too many superbly spectacular boy breakdowns to list here ... but these 10 episodes are way at the top.

Image via El Segundo Police Department

  • Michael Richards


    Image via Alan Light/Flickr

    Nobody knew what to think when the beloved, bonkers Seinfeld star stopped his stand-up act to unleash a racist tirade on some hecklers. Richards went on Letterman to apologize afterwards, but probably lost some fans forever.

  • Charlie Sheen


    Image via Aspen Police Department

    WINNING! Tiger blood. Vatican assassins. Goddesses. Hookers, blow, hookers, blow, and some more hookers and blow. Denise Richards. WINNING! Need we say more?

  • Nicolas Cage


    Image via Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

    Drunken hijinks on the streets of New Orleans, allegations of domestic abuse, a rumored $33 million shopping spree (including such purchases as a dinosaur skull) ... well, they don't call him Nicolas Cage for nothing.

  • Alec Baldwin


    Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

    Leaving daughter an angry intoxicated voicemail? Not funny. Allegedly yelling racial slur at photographer? Not funny. Getting kicked off a plane for playing "Words with Friends"? HILARIOUS.

  • Tom Cruise


    Image via Kevin Ballard/Flickr

    First the guy was jumping on Oprah's couch -- next thing we knew, he was freaking out on Matt Lauer over Brooke Shields' use of antidepressants. Must be a Xenu thing.

  • Russell Crowe


    Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

    Oh, Russell Crowe. Throwing a phone at the hotel concierge is NOT going to help get that call made. Silly.

  • Dave Chappelle


    Image via Sam Soneja/Flickr

    You know, you can't really blame the guy for walking offstage during his standup act when the audience wouldn't stop yelling "I'm Rick James, bitch!" Quitting his show and skipping town for South Africa was slightly more of a surprise.

  • Christian Bale


    Image via John Griffiths/Flickr

    Whoops! Bet Christian Bale didn't realize the ginormous diva tantrum he threw when the director of photography for Terminator: Salvation kept "ruining his concentration" was being recorded ... or that it would go viral.

  • Kanye West


    Image via Jason Persse/Flickr

    Imma let you finish ... being a stunningly arrogant mofo, Kanye. Between his god-complex and award show interruptions, this is a guy who's got  ... a surplus of self-esteem, let's say.

  • Mel Gibson


    Image via El Segundo Police Department

    Anti-semitic much, Mel Gibson?? Somewhere along the way, Gibson went from being a funny, personable star to being a guy whose regular drunken rants target everybody from his ex-wives to John Lennon. HUH?!

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