Kate Middleton Looks Gorgeous in Every Color: 7 Best Looks

Adriana Velez | Jun 6, 2013 Celebrities

kate middletonEveryone says blue is Kate Middleton's favorite color. And maybe it is. But I've seen her wear all sorts of colors and I think she looks fabulous in all of them. Don't you? So just for no reason at all except that she always looks so elegant and cute as a button, here's the Duchess in a whole rainbow of outfits. Red, coral, yellow, green, and yes, even a few different shades of blue. Which is your favorite color on her? Or is it just too hard to choose?

  • Red


    The scarlet lady! Kate pulls off red well, especially with a multi-colored scarf to soften it a bit.

  • Coral


    The expecting Duchess looks especially rosy in her matching coral dress and coat. I think that shade suits her better than pink would. What do you think?

  • Sunny Yellow


    Kate glows in a bright yellow dress. And I don't care what everyone else says, I thought her hair looked sensational all wild and curly like that.

  • Emerald


    WPA Pool/Getty

    Here Kate looks like a denizen of Emerald City. We'd love to see her in green more often.


  • Teal


    Didn't we all love this teal gown? She's like a sea goddess.

  • Sky Blue


    Pacific Coast News

    Here she is, in familiar territory, blue. But this blue reminds us of perfectly sunny summer skies.

  • Ultraviolet


    Pacific Coast News

    The Duchess practially glows in this ultraviolet dress. It's a very tasteful purple.

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