'Real Housewife' Kenya Moore Is Real Homeless Right Now

kenya mooreReal Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore is, surprise surprise, in financial trouble. The reality star and former beauty queen (Miss USA, not Miss America! Don't get it twisted, y'all) has allegedly been evicted from the Roswell, Georgia mansion she was renting. RadarOnline obtained court documents filed by Kenya's landlord that say Kenya was short about $850 on her $4,000 rent, among other issues, and has been ordered to get out.

Thing is, Kenya's been telling everyone that her billionaire boyfriend who lives overseas has been footing her bills. Wait. Could Kenya be lying?!


A RHOA source told WetPaint that "everyone on the show was under the impression her bills were being handled."

Guess not.

Any fan of the series will know that Kenya has a history of exaggerating the truth and putting on airs. There's nothing about her that's down to earth and she totally lives up to her "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" lifestyle-motto. Gone with the wind is her income, her financial independence, and now, her home.

Who knows whether or not Kenya's "billionaire boyfriend" who lives in the "Middle East" and is an "oil tycoon" really exists ... it sounds like a George Glass scenario if ever there was one.

That said, she doesn't need him -- Kenya will land on her feet. If anything, she's a fighter, both literally and figuratively, and surely won't be homeless for long.

Here's hoping she moves in with NeNe Leakes and Gregg ... maybe they could adopt her? You guys -- a Kenya Moore Gets Adopted spinoff would be amazing, right?

What do you think about Kenya?


Photo via bravotv.com

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