5 'DWTS' Dances That Made Us Cringe (VIDEOS)

DWTSDancing With the Stars is a show that is famous both for its enormous surprise talent and for its horrendous flops. From Billy Ray Cyrus' embarrassing gyrations to Michael Bolton's wooden nerves, there have been a lot of not so hot dancers on the show.

Now, they should NOT be embarrassed. This is what the show is about, after all. Not everyone is born to dance and that is totally, 100 percent a-ok. Still, for us viewers at home, there are some cringe-filled moments.

Here are the worst, most embarrassing dances we had to watch through our fingers to get through. See below:


Steve Wozniak was by far one of the most adorable contestants ever on the show. The Apple founder was partnered with Karina Smirnoff who was a great sport and his fans kept him alive far longer than he should have been there. While there was something totally adorable about him, he was also just a mess. A terrible dancer. So embarrassing. See below:

Kate Gosselin was paired with Tony Dovolani who had to put up with A LOT from this reality show diva. She was demanding, sullen, mean, and sometimes even cruel. She was also a passionless dancer with very little rhythm or even excitement. Did she ever crack a smile? It didn't seem like it. See below:

Michael Bolton may have a great voice. But oh his dancing. CRINGE. Chelsie Hightower tried her best but there was just no masking his horrific dancing even given her best efforts. See below:

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino may have been OK on Jersey Shore while fist pumping in the clubs, but when it came to Dancing With the Stars, he was a cringe-fest. Ouch. Poor Karina Smirnoff tried her best, but there was no hope there. See below:

Tucker Carlson. All we need to do is say his name and oh God. Just watch his lackluster cha-cha and prepare to cry. See below:

Who do you think was the worst?


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