Farrah Abraham's Latest Publicity Stunt Is ... Wait, Is That Really Farrah???

farrah abrahamEven before Farrah Abraham's sex tape debuted, the Teen Mom has always been a paparazzi magnet, going anywhere and everywhere, doing anything and everything to get her name out there. Remember the time she started that Mom & Me Food company? Or GOD the time she made an autotuned album to go along with her book My Teenage Dream Ended?! Well Farrah's latest publicity stunt is on a whole other level -- a better one.

Abraham sat down to celebrate her May 31 birthday with her mom Debra. I know, it sounds standard right? The catch? Farrah invited paparazzi to join her birthday celebration. Yup, there's photos everywhere of Farrah and Debra enjoying a "special birthday meal" together, clanking glasses of vino, and looking pathetically happy.

Is it a cry for attention? Yes it is. Heck, it's hard to recognize Farrah being a NORMAL daughter. But it's a pathetic one, too. I suppose this is a whole lot better than the photos of Farrah smoking a hookah with a female porn star.


It's no secret that Farrah and her mom were at complete odds over her decision to do the porn tape. In fact, she was horrified. At the end of April, Debra sucked up her pride and wrote her daughter a letter (that obviously went public) saying she wants to be there for her and her granddaughter Sophia. In short: Since the tape came out, it's been one wild, emotional ride.

Do I think things are actually better between the two? Who knows, I doubt it. I bet Debra is still horrified and is trying to mend fences with Farrah because, at the end of the day, yes, she is and always will be her daughter. If inviting the paparazzi over to watch them celebrate Farrah's birthday is a way for them to spend time together and hang out, so be it. Let's just hope they're actually tackling the lingering issues instead of faking it 100 percent.

Do you think Farrah's latest publicity stunt is ridiculous?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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