Latest Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page News Makes Us Hate Sundays (VIDEO)

ellen page alexander skarsgardYou know who's a lovely person and totally my favorite actress? Ellen Page. That's right, I just love that girl to pieces! And I think she's the perfect, perfect, perfect girlfriend for Alexander Skarsgard. Really, I ... oh, never mind. Fine! I'm lying! I'M JEALOUS OF ELLEN PAGE!!! What do you people WANT from me?! Oh, like you're not jealous. Pffft. What. Ever. Y'all are just as green-eyed monster-ish over Ellen Page as I am, which is why you're going to hate hate HATE the little cutesy exchange ASkars and his teeny-tiny "friend" had during a recent interview.


First, of course, the "couple" talked about what it was like filming The East and Ellen Page went on and on and on about how "extraordinary" everybody was to work with and acting and extraordinary and extraordinary acting and blah, blah, blah. But then the interview-er guy had to go and ask about what they did to "prepare" for their roles in the "eco-thriller" and this nauseating little bit of conversation happened:

ASkars: I did what I always do and just Googled myself.

Page: And I Googled pictures of Alexander Skarsgard.

ASkars: We do that every Sunday.

Page: I was like, "Oh, is that who I get to work with?! Yeah, that's nice." I typed in "Alexander Skarsgard sex scene," and then I hit images.

ASKars: Sexy boy!

Page: Dang! He's got a body. Okay.

Oh, for crap's sake, really?! Now Sundays are ruined. (Except for Sunday nights starting June 16, when True Blood Season 6 begins!)

Here's part of the video, if you can stand to watch the togetherness.


Will you hate Sundays forever because of ASkars and Ellen Page?


Image via hitfixcom/YouTube

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