Kim Kardashian Gets Stunning Baby Shower Gift From Kanye West That Could Be a Total Game-Changer

kimyeOkay, I was just a wee bit disappointed by Kanye West's rumored party-pooper behavior at Kim Kardashian's baby shower this weekend. C'mon Kanye, that hoodie over your face doesn't lie! Why can't you be more charming at your own baby girl's shower? Well, he may have been Grouchy McFrownieface at the shower, but Kanye sure redeemed himself in the gift department.

Supposedly he gave Kim an Hermes baby bag. Yawn. Just like we knew he would. Predictable! And something the E! execs could have just as easily sent Kim. But that's just one of his gifts.


Here's the gift that'll make you clutch your bosom and squeal awww: He found out what books Kim's dad Robert Kardashian used to read to her and he bought vintage copies of them all. COULD YOU JUST ... I mean ... That's just so ... Wait. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Are we talking about Kanye West here? That's the name of the guy who gave Kim that gift, right?

Because that is astonishingly thoughtful. That's a gift that took creativity, thoughtfulness, and research, baby. Research. I'm impressed! Well, assuming this really was Kanye's idea. It could have been Kanye's assistant's idea. For all I know, this may be THE gift all the members of the Illuminati are giving their baby mamas. I bet HOV gave this to Bey when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

But why do I have to be so hard on Kanye? I'd rather hope for the best and believe he really does have Kim and his future daughter at the forefront of his mind. And I still think that's the sweetest baby gift ever. However he came up with that idea, I think it's something Kim and her daughter will enjoy for years.

What do you think of Kanye's baby shower gift to Kim?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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