Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry's Friendship May Have Pushed Kristen Stewart Over the Edge

kristen stewart met galaDoes anyone else feel like this supposed rivalry between Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry is fakaliciously contrived? I sure do. The latest rumor is that a furious Kristen confronted Katy via phone call just hours before that Met Ball -- and two weeks before Kristen and Rob finally broke up. A source says Kristen wanted to know exactly what was going on between Katy and Rob. Katy "said there was no way she was messing with Rob, but Kristen didn't believe her."

Weren't Kristen, Katy, and Rob all hanging out with each other at Coachella just a couple months ago? I thought they were all friends. But the tabloids are really pushing this Rob and Katy "secret lovers" rumor, and I think it's a bunch of baloney. Still, I can see how Kristen might be threatened by Katy.


Not that Kristen IS threatened by Katy. I'm just saying, I could see how she might be, under the circumstances. Rob and Katy do seem to have a lot of fun when they're together. There's definitely a rapport there. So even if it's just platonic, if your boyfriend is having more fun with his gal pal than with you, that would make you feel pretty crummy.

And because Rob's a guy and Katy's a woman, there's always that ... what if?

And now it looks like in the Robsten split, Rob ended up with custody of Katy's friendship. You know how that always happens in a breakup -- any shared friends of the couple are likely to end up on one team or the other. Now Rob's friendship with Katy is helping him get over his breakup with Kristen because she's nothing like Kristen. Ouch! I wonder if it stings that Kristen lost a fun friend in this breakup. Well, I'm glad Kristen's got a loyal crew of her own.

Do you believe the rumor that Kristen was threatened by Rob's friendship with Katy?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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